About Us

My name is June, and welcome to my blog about how to insure yourself on personal finance matters and any other kinds of cash related matters. As you can see, my blog is big on personal finance topics, financial motivation, frugalism, and how to be financially free.

Everyone wants to be financially free, but not everyone can actually achieve it. My goal has been to achieve financial freedom at the age of 40, and this blog chronicles any articles that I come across as important for my journey, as well as any news about financial matters or stock matters that actually will impact the financial world. Even though I am not very financially savvy with the common terms used in the world today, my job in this blog is to write down my thoughts as well and become better with the lingo as I write more.

I am hoping that you, as a reader, are being very kind to me to offer me any feedback or comments on my writing, and I am hoping that you will find yourself filled with knowledge by the things that I write in this blog. If this blog becomes successful, I am looking towards working full time on it and making sure that the content I write is much more engaging and fun to learn.