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How to use CBD Crystals

The purity of cbd crystals is probably the characteristic that more than others allows a wide variability of use.

Depending on one’s needs and wellness goal, CBD crystals can be taken through vaporization, rather than ingested or mixed with cosmetic creams.

There will be those who approach CBD for a purpose more oriented to daily well-being, and those who do it for a therapeutic purpose. But how are they used?

What are the most common methods of cannabidiol intake?

The choice is quite wide and varied, CBD crystals meet the most diverse needs, acting with different times of action and interactions with our body.

The efficacy of cannabidiol is now proven in many areas, and the scientific community expands and deepens day by day the literature and studies on this component.

Its anxiolytic and anti-inflammatory properties make it a natural and effective remedy to soothe a situation characterized by stress or anxiety, or to prevent common and widespread disorders such as migraines and other neuropathic pains.

There are also cases of people who, after consultation and consent of their doctor, use cbd in cases of important pathologies such as epilepsy or Parkinson’s disease.
So, very different situations, for which the versatility and availability of CBD becomes an important factor.

Returning to the main theme of the article, we now want to focus on the different ways in which we can effectively take CBD, starting with the most common one, which is vaporization.

CBD in crystals: how does cannabidiol vaporization work?

Vaporization intake is definitely the most popular and used choice among our consumers.

It is necessary to be in possession of a vaporizer, on the market it is possible to find some for all needs, and for all price ranges.

However, what are the essential characteristics that the vaporizer must have?

1) the possibility to set a specific temperature, which in our case is between 160° and 180°.

2) it must also be suitable to contain liquids: crystals, when they reach 160/180 C°, melt, in a similar way to what happens to sugar crystals exposed to a high temperature, thus forming an oily liquid.

Because of this “transformation” of the crystals, it is recommended to have an adequate device, in order to avoid the oil obtained to become a problem for the cleaning and maintenance of the device.

Taking cannabidiol (CBD) crystals sublingually

Just like the oil, cbd crystals can be placed under the tongue, waiting for them to dissolve and be absorbed.

The neutral taste of the crystals will make the operation easy and affordable for everyone: once then came into contact with the tissues of the tongue muscle or the oral cavity and capillaries, cannabidiol will enter almost immediately into circulation in our body, with very fast action times.

An alternative that involves ingestion is to mix the crystals to food ingredients in the preparation of a meal.

Cannabidiol is a fat-soluble substance, that is it can melt and mix with fatty liquids such as milk, butter, oil.

In this way it will be possible to add cannabidiol to any dish or recipe, always keeping in mind however that in case of high temperatures, part of the active principle could evaporate, such as in case an edible preparation with CBD is baked and therefore made subject to high temperatures.

On the other hand, it is true, however, that if the cannabidiol crystals have been mixed with an ingredient of a fatty nature, the vaporization process will be much slower and more gradual.

Therefore always remember that 180° is the evaporation point, not to be exceeded during the different cooking processes you will use.

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